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Small web projects by Ryan Strickler

Trying to launch a new web project every 6 weeks. If that sounds interesting, you can follow along on Medium or Twitter.

Recent projects


The "rules" are simple:


Eventually, I'll probably move my writing here, but to avoid tinkering with a blog, I'm writing on Medium for now.

I write notes on my progress each day and try to provide insight into my process. Sometimes I come up with something that's helpful, other times it feels a little dry. Still working on figuring out what I want to write about. I try to share the bad along with the good.


I need a creative outlet and a place to try out new ideas. I'm hoping that by working within these constraints, I'll get better at picking the right features and building them. I also want to practice launching and marketing, as well as writing. And I'm curious to see what I can accomplish with limited resources. 36-72 hours isn't much time to work with.


I used to consult full-time. I'm not looking for new clients at the moment, but feel free to email me if you need something business-related.